Photcred: @olivertcb

Photcred: @olivertcb

Mette Willert

I am a self-taught 42 years old mobile photographer with a focus on simple clean bold lines. I work with different style categories, however, urban photography is my passion point. All the images has been taken within the past 2 years. I have worked as a Instagram Influencer for the past two years mainly within the category to promote travel destinations. 

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CultureTrip  Awesome Danish Instagrammers  you have to follow 

Featured in Tiger's New Photobook 2015

Featured on The official Instagram Japan account

Interviewed by Iphone Photography School

Influencer Partnerships

Visit Copenhagen 

Visit Dresden  Region of Saxony and VW Factory 

Visit Hamburg 

Visit Norderney

Copenhagen Architecture Film CAFX 

Danish Cyclist Associations 








Panel Discussion at the 2017 Digital Tourism Think Tank conference in Copenhagen 'Social First Content' 

Associations of Journalism 'How to use Instagram in a business context'

Helpmarketing Podcast

Realdania 'Strategic Storytelling on Instagram' 

Komfo Social Challenge 2017

Komfo Summit 2015

Lecture about how to shoot mobile photography in an urban environment for Copenhagen Photo Festival and the National Photo Museum 

Jury Member

Copenhagen Architecture Film CAFX  film competition 'Mit København' 

Realdania DR and Bolius 'Det du ikke ser i Storbyen'